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Donate to the Haines Dolphins Swim Team

The 2022 Swimboree fundraising event is on!

Please support the Haines Dolphins Swim Team program.

Here are 3 good reasons:

  • The Dolphins are active 9 months a year, the Haines Dolphins is a FANTASTIC swim program with super-talented coaches.
  • Your donation stays in Haines to fund team essentials like pool rental and coach salaries.
  • Your help is HUGELY appreciated, and it makes a REAL difference in the lives of the 50 to 75 Haines area youth swimmers in the program!!!

The Dolphins program continues through May and will resume in late August.

Please find the dolphin you’d like to sponsor below and show your support!

Eli Sauser

My name is Eli. I am 9 and love swimming!

Jaiden Sauser

My name is Jaiden and I am 13. My favorite stroke is freestyle. I enjoy going to the pool and swimming.

Jed Mason

I love learning how to swim. My goal for the Swimboree is to swim 17 lengths in 1 hour!

Isaac Mason

My favorite stroke is backstroke. My goal for the Swimboree is to swim 10 lengths in 1 hour!

Ruth Mason

My favorite stroke is freestyle. My goal for the Swimboree is to swim 60 lengths in 2 hours!

Luke Hall

Luke likes swim team and his favorite stroke is the backstroke.

Eliza Hall

I like to do the back stroke.

Lylah Wray

Jonah Wray

Hazel Wray

Brinley Ganey

I’m 9 years old & this is my first year on the swim team. I love it so much! Freestyle is my favorite. My goal for the swimboree is to swim 30 lengths. Thank you for your support to me, my team and my coaches.

Piper Carlson

I love being on the swim team. It is so fun. I like learning new strokes and swimming with my friends. My goal for the Swimboree is to complete ten lengths.

Sophie Hedden

I love the Haines Dolphins Swim team because I get to be in the water with my friends and learn new things. My goal is to swim 150 lengths is 2 hours.

Connor Dryden

MacKenna Dryden

Luke Bell

Swimming is a lot of fun. My goal is to swim 75 lengths in 2 hrs.

Mary Bell

I enjoy swimming on the HDST. My goal is to swim 150 lengths in 2 hrs.

Anna Bell

I especially enjoy the breaststroke. My goal is to swim 100 lengths in 2hrs.

Rebecca Bell

I like swimming. My favorite strokes are freestyle and backstroke and I love flip turns.
My goal is to swim 50 lengths in 2 hrs.

Lucy Bell

I like going to the pool and I like backstroke. My goal is to swim 5 lengths.

Zephyr Cox

Zephyr is 6 years old, and excited that he can now swim the entire length of the pool. He likes being on the team because he gets to swim a lot. His goal for the Swimboree is to do 5 lengths.

Archie Dunbar

Archie says he’ll swim 50 lengths and he loves swim team because he loves swimming and he wants to learn how to swim really fast.

Tyson Combs

This is Tyson’s first year on swim team and won’t be his last. He has found a new love for swimming and need for speed and competition. He’s set several goals for himself including to beat a few Haines records and one day go to the Olympics. Please consider donating to the Haines Dolphins Swim team.

Lazarus Larson

Swim Team is fun and I like doing it!

Hattie Larson

I like that we learn different strokes and get to swim a lot.

Canaan Larson

I like swimming because it is mostly about speed, that it is more of an individual sport, and that the team can get together to do fundraisers and other cool things.

Nathan Sweet

I joined the swim team because I love to swim and want to get better. I love freestyle, it's my favorite. I least like backstroke because it's harder for me but I want to get better.

Patience Nelson

Swimming is awesome! Flip turns, diving off the block are challenges I have overcome, and swimming almost every day is great exercise and it is FUN! Please sponsor me or anyone else so that Haines kids can grow up loving swimming, too! My personal goal is swim 150 lengths in 2 hours.

Jamison Eggleston

I like swimming because itʼs fun. My goal is to swim 5 lengths to raise money for my team. Thank you for sponsoring me!

Emmalee Blilie-Simonsen

Emma loves swimming, she has been working very hard to better her times and plans to continue on through middle school and high school.
Please help keep her dream alive for any contribution helps not only her but her team in being the best swimmers they can be!
Thank you!

Garrison Del Prete

Eden Del Prete

Caedmon Del Prete

Porter Del Prete

Lucia Chapell

I swam on the Haines High Swim Team in the fall, and on the Haines Dolphins Swim Team in the winter and spring. My goal is to swim 200 lengths in 2 hours, and raise $750.

Haines Dolphins Swim Team